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Subject: Re: BSA: Troop number uniqueness?
From: David Gottshall ()
Date: 7:48, Jun 25 2010


Since the old community and state strips do not have copy-righted logos,= pretty much any patch manufacturer to make them.

I would contact them first, as they may already have a template. If not,= you can get the dimensions by picking one up for cheap on that web site= that we all know :-)

Dave Gottshall

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From: Mike McCue < wisesahasrahla@AOL.COM >
Sent: Fri, Jun 25, 2010 3:34 am
Subject: Re: BSA: Troop number uniqueness?

On Wed, 30 Nov 1994 15:09:18 +0500, Bob Condon < rec@EPOCH.COM > wrote:

> In the Metacomet District, Nashua Valley Council were have at least 3

> troop 1-s if not more.


> Troop 1, Acton (oldest troop - 1916) no longer wears the council patch

> but instead uses the old patches stating we are from Acton,Mass.


> It works for us and we have received many complements that our town

> stands out.

I've been browsing through the archives and found this old thread very

interesting, but particularly this message. Does anyone know of a company

that will make community and state strips? We talked about getting some

just for fun a while back, but couldn't find a company to make them. If

anyone has a lead and could reply off-list with info, it would be greatly



Eagle '04

CC, Troop 164

Assonet, Mass.


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