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Subject: Re: Any one see a 1973 Max Silber Jamboree Belt buckle for sale lately? attached to a Philmont leather belt.
From: Ed Palmer ()
Date: 7:37, Nov 6 2009

Keep an eye on eBay. There are a bunch of Max Silber jamboree belt buckles on auction, but not a 1973. The 1977 is going for ~$200 and I'm kinda wishing I hadn't worn mine.

Ed Palmer

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 2:01 AM, Daniel T. Fitzhenry, Esq. < > wrote:

> Sorry for posting a "lost and found" -- A real shot in the dark
> here............
> After 2-3 months trying seek info from airline's and airport's "lost and
> found" I communicate the following request to the Scouts-L group:.
> I took a contingent of 70 scouts to Sea Base and somewhere along the line I
> lost a 1973 Max Silber Jamboree cast brass belt buckle attached to a
> Philmont leather belt. I took it off in Pittsburgh to go through TSA and put
> in my backpack--it must have fallen out somewhere along the way
> We were at the following airports:
> Pittsburgh
> Atlanta
> Fort Lauderdale
> We flew AirTran Airways
> if any one hear of one of the belt buckles for sale let me know -- at the
> very least I would like to replace the belt buckle if possible.
> Thanks
> dan fitzhenry

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